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Acapulco-La Quebrada en Guerrero, Mexico

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Acapulco cliff divers

Acapulco-The electrifying Quebrada.

is the renowned place from where you can see the jumpers toss themselves from a tallness of 136 feet towards the Pacific waves in a pit around 11 feet profound.

Since 1934 this has been a standout amongst the most essential attractions in Mexico.

Acapulco open
Acapulco open

Every day they offer 5 appears, of which they incorporate four nighttime occasions in which the performing artists are jumpers with lights – this is a remarkable show.

Acapulco-The best perspective of this show is offered by the La Perla club, which is situated at the foot of the El Mirador Acapulco mountain. An extra charge must be paid.

Native clavadistas of Guerrero, Mexico

Any individual who has seen jumpers plunging into the sea will think about how troublesome this is. “Time is vital.

It takes three seconds for the current to arrive, just five seconds of high swell current – two seconds of safety buffer. ” Meditating and imploring are likewise business as usual.

Acapulco-On the off chance that the jumper begins his vocation at 17 and closures at 45 years old, he will dispatch 15,560 times at La Quebrada amid this period.

Acapulco cliff divers
Acapulco cliff divers

Regardless of how much practice or experience the jumper has, each plunge is gone before by fear.

Acapulco-Numerous jumpers have had mischances, most caused by the solid effect of reaching water, nonetheless, up until this point, no passings have been accounted for.

It merits specifying in the territory of ​​La Quebrada the outside theater Sinfonía del Mar, where you can watch staggering nightfalls and the new visitor passageway that closures at La Angosta shoreline.


This section is for you to know a standout amongst the most wonderful places in Acapulco that is LA QUEBRADA, it is an exceptionally popular traveler put in all of Mexico.

Where the well known bluff jumpers of La Quebrada, who bounce from a stone of right around 42 meters, have turned into an image of the city and a fascination of Acapulco.

Acapulco-For ages, overcome youngsters of Acapulco have been tossed from the lofty shake towards a tight access to which gigantic waves arrive slamming against the stones.

The planning of the plunge is essential and must be splendidly executed because of the risky conditions submerged.

Acapulco time
Acapulco time

Presently there are 33 jumpers in the vicinity of 10 and 56 years of age. Every one of them work ordinarily harmed in light of the fact that the dangers are many.

La Quebrada is a standout amongst the most went by visitor zones on the planet, which has filled in as the setting for national and outside movies.

Acapulco-All in all, this is where vacationers need to go and meet interest, to watch the jumpers, bounce from a high bluff, and appreciate a wonderful dusk in the gorge.