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Angel to the Independence of Mexico

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angel of independence

The Monument to the Independence of Mexico, angel of independence -prominently known as “El Angel”, situated on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma, and the road of Florence.

Was introduced on September 16, 1910 by President Porfirio Díaz, to recognize the Centennial of the Independence of Mexico.

It is a standout amongst the most significant landmarks and utilized as a symbol of Mexico City in festivities and exhibits in Mexico City.

angel of independence
angel of independence

Angel of independence -Development of the Independence Monument.

President Porfirio Díaz laid the principal stone for its development on January 2, 1902 and put inside it a brilliant chest with the demonstration of freedom and a progression of coins of the present age.

The task was driven by the Mexican modeler Antonio Rivas Palacio, who selected the Italian stone worker Enrique Alaciati as the individual accountable for the figures and bas-reliefs, and the designer Roberto Gayol as the individual responsible for the common work.

Made as a privileged section finished with a winged triumph statue holding a shrub wreath and a broken chain of three connections, this segment thusly on a ventured platform finished by various statues and symbolic engravings to the autonomy of Mexico.

Its cost for the time was 2 million 150 thousand pesos.

mexican independence
mexican independence

In 1923 work was done inside the section pedastal and the development of three specialties to house urns of the remaining parts of various saints of freedom would be moved from the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City and different parts of the nation, so which turns into a sepulcher.

  • The tallness of the landmark is 90.16 meters in addition to 1.5 meters that have the means worked in 1910, and 3 extra meters of the stands worked in 1986, for an aggregate of 94.66 meters.

Winged Victory

The bronze empty statue speaks to the winged triumph in flight disposition with open wings, with the broadened arm expanded and holding a shrub wreath with mentality of putting them on the leader of the saints.

Angel of independence -the left arm stretched out down holding a chain broken of three connections image of the three centuries of the viceroyalty and the political reliance of Spain, secured by gold leaf.


It quantifies 2.90 in width and on the sides were cut wreaths of oak, connected by rings, which encompass the section and emblems of blossoms, in two of the rings the names of eight famous figures of freedom were cut.

Iturbide, Allende, Mier and Terán, Galeana, Victoria, Rayón, Matamoros and Aldama.

mexico monuments
mexico monuments


In its upper part is a gathering of models called angel of independence -“Apotheosis of the Father of the Fatherland”, made out of three figures, two of them representative figures, standing is raising a Mexican banner the cleric Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

South sitting with a book and a plume the dream of history, toward the north in the state of mind of raising and offering Hidalgo a shrub wreath is the country.

The platform with a square base has at the finishes four statues even lower level than that of Hidalgo, relate to José María Morelos, Francisco Xavier Mina, Nicolás Bravo and Vicente Guerrero.

In whatever is left of the principal body of the platform is the model of a male Lion that is driven by the figure of a virtuoso (a little kid), who symbolizes quality and insight.

  • At the closures of the platforms, there are four situated assumes that relate to Peace, War, Justice, and Law.

angel of independence -Under the four statues are the names of 24 free characters partitioned into 8 classifications