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Where to vacation in mexico- Hacienda San José del Refugio, Guadalajara, Mexico

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Places to see in mexico

Where to vacation in mexico– Ancient Treasury The agave experiences a devastating procedure.

The agave experiences a devastating procedure.

Touching base at Hacienda San José del Refugio is backpedaling in time, since offices are saved where once the drink was created. For instance, there is as yet a tahoma (a factory moved by donkeys), the dull and baffling bars with jugs submerged in the floor.

Places to see in mexico
Places to see in mexico

Which permitted the maturation procedure, the spent furnaces and the copper stills.

 Hacienda San José del Refugio The agave is taken to the stoves for cooking.

As of now, the way to making tequila clauses is essentially the same as before, saving the craftsman touch. In the Hacienda the agave bloom is gathered, which is guaranteed with the ISO 9001 standard.

The procedure starts with the jima, where the coa is utilized, an instrument that weighs in the vicinity of 5 and 8 kilos.

In a bar with the amazingly sharp half circle tip, to cut and take out the leaves of the agave leaving just the marrow.

Which is isolated from the earth by disposing of the root until the point that the pineapple is cleared out.

The jimadores (some live in the Hacienda) get up at 4 or 5 towards the beginning of the day to jimar in the vicinity of 80 and 120 pineapples (just process that is done outside).

Best places in mexico to visit
Best places in mexico to visit

Then they transfer the pineapples to the Hacienda and they are baked in 15 traditional clay ovens; in each one about 50 tons are deposited.

Each pineapple weighs approximately 35 kilos. Once deal of the oven, the agave is allowed to cool 24 hours and then move to grinding.

Where it is crushed by a ripper and rollers. It is then taken to the formulation tub.

Where to vacation in mexico– Lugo comes the fermentation process, which is done on a regular basis; At this point the liquid is left at room temperature for three or four days.

Then the must is distilled twice to eliminate tails and heads, leaving only the best. The next step is to take it to the barrel to age it.

 The time of permanence for the tequila reposado is of at least two months; the old one year and the additional vintage, must remain at least three years.

Where to vacation in mexico– After the barrel, the drink is passed to stainless steel tanks where it no longer changes its smell, shading or flavor. Finally it is packaged.

The whole process is supervised by the Tequila Regulatory Council.

Which verifies since the agave ocean blue (the only one authorized for the production of tequila) up to the amount that enters the Hacienda to see that it corresponds with the liters that are produced.

Where to vacation in mexico
Where to vacation in mexico

Hacienda San José del Refugio, which in its time was considered one of the best equipped, and is the unique seat of Casa Herradura.

In 1870 Felix Lopez took full possession of the farm and was officially registered as a tequila producing hacienda.

Where to vacation in mexico– With the modernization of the distillery in 1963 by Gabriela Romo de la Peña.

  • Casa Herradura entered a new time, because it was she who introduced the world to the rest of the tequila in 1974.

Currently the Casa Herradura brands (Herradura Tequila and Tequila El Jimador) child marketed by Brown Forman.

Diversified manufacturer and retailer of beverage brands such as Finlandia Vodka, Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, and Champagne Korbel of California.

Where to vacation in mexico– The Tequila produced by Casa Herradura is exported to more than 100 countries.

Each year sending 11 million boxes to the United States, while Mexico consumes 8 million boxes.

Due to the emergency, this year the tequila industry had a contraction of 4 percent. Despite this situation, Casa Herradura had a 3 percent growth.

  • Since 2000 he has won 47 awards in the best competitions; the tequila produced by this house was the first to win the prestigious Distillery of the Year award granted by Wine Enthusiast, in 2007.

Where to vacation in mexico– Currently Casa Herradura offers the following varieties:

Herradura Blanco Tequila, Herradura Reposado Tequila, Herradura Añejo Tequila, Herradura Blanco Tequila Soft and Supreme Selection.

Where to visit in mexico
Where to visit in mexico

Amatitán signifies “little woodland of amates”.

Its first pioneers were Nahuatl Indians who settled on the slope of Chiquihuitillo and questioned their spaces with different indigenous gatherings.

Where to vacation in mexico– Legend has it that these Indians had a divine being they called Titan.

When the Spaniards arrived, the Indians reported to them that they could not call another god and communicated “Indian loves Titan”, so the place obtained the name of Amatitán.

Throughout the years this place, which fringes the districts of Tequila and Zapopan towards the north.

Tala, Arenal and Teuchitlan towards the south, Zapopan and Arenal towards the east and Teuchitlán and Tequila towards the west, turned into the core of the tequila locale.

  • The Haciendas, as San José del Refugio, turned into the essential issue of farming in Mexico and furthermore worked as the focal point of the sorted out monetary unit for generation.

To get to the town, you can take a transport from the Guadalajara transport station, which goes to Tequila; Amatitán is located previously.

Tourist places in mexico
Tourist places in mexico

Another alternative is to take the “Tequila Express” to visit Hacienda San Jose del Refugio, each of the Herradura Tequila.

  • Where you can find out about the way to making the well known Mexican drink.

Where to vacation in mexico– This traveler prepares offers visits on Saturdays, through the blue agave fields in the Amatitán Valley.

The agenda begins at 10:30 AM early in the day and finishes at eight at night.

Amid the visit there is free drinks with tequila and lager, mariachi expressive dance fables, Mexican starters and, obviously, loads of fun.

It has a cost of one thousand 50 pesos for every individual.

Where to vacation in mexico– The agave scene that is refreshing amid the visit, together with the old tequila modern offices.

Are the primary Mexican merchandise that were consolidated into the classification of Cultural Landscapes, recorded on the UNESCO World Heritage List