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Xel ha park- A day at the park in Mexico

Mexico water park

Xel ha park– Today we commit the day to appreciate the biological stop Xel-Há !!!. We go there by open transport taking it on the government parkway simply outside our inn.

We advised the driver to stop at Xel-Ha and in around 20-25 minutes we arrived, it costs 30 pesos each.

Xel ha cancun
Xel ha cancun

You need to cross the street up a scaffold all exceptionally all around stamped with the goal that no one gets lost, hehehe.

Soon after intersection and strolling on the correct walkway you will discover the passageway to a little way circumscribed by vegetation that prompts the recreation center passage.

There is no misfortune so it is absurd to procure an outing.

We take the tickets acquired online from home (web Xel-Há), as we did with over 21 days ahead of time we made a 15% markdown.

Xel ha park– The rebate ticket turned out for 68’31 € per individual !. Obviously, in any event the sustenance, drinks, locker, towel and snorkel gear.

As of now in the movies we printed the buy coupon and we change it for a few wrist trinkets that are the passageway.

We get through the lawyer’s exam code of the arm jewelery by the machine and inside!

Mexico water park
Mexico water park

When we are prepared to get into the water, we review the region a bit and the primary thing we do is go to the start of the stream, where we will plunge to the Gran Caleta.

Xel ha park– There is the likelihood of setting off to the waterway via prepare or by bicycle.

We take the bicycles to make the best approach to Earth of Huh of around 1Km.

Mind you, these bicycles have the pedal brake so whoever has not gotten them before they hone a bit. It is a lovely and calm ride, we were essentially alone with the bicycles.

Presently have the fun impact !.

The waterway can be brought down by swimming, with individual or twofold doughnut.

Xel ha park– We accomplish more fun with the doughnut and we take individual photographs to have the capacity to take pictures of us.

The water is very cool and straightforward !.

We go through an exceptionally cool mangrove zone and after that go out to a more extensive region until the point when we achieve La Caleta.

We had an incredible time amid the visit!


When we become weary of swimming we leave the water to stroll around the territory.

Xel ha park– We will see the Nursery, the diversion of a Mayan House and the Meliponario that is the territory devoted to the nectar reap service of bumble bees (without stings).

We go alone here in light of the fact that everybody is in the water or eating, my mom, what an approach to eat at extremely inconvenient times,

We keep strolling along ways until the point when we achieve the ocean and there is the beacon of Xel-Há.

The perspectives are exceptionally wonderful.

Xel ha park– We will cross a drifting scaffold and as of now on the opposite side, there is a monster seat where you can make clever pictures

Xel ha park
Xel ha park

We keep on exploring this side of the Caleta for little ways with iguanas sunbathing, cenotes, rest territories.

Xel ha park– For the individuals who need more grounded feelings there are additionally puts from where to hop into the water, stroll on a rope over the water, …

Go ahead, numerous exercises that enter the passage and others that must be paid independently.

After so much action we will eat, the eateries that we like the most is “La cocina del pueblo” which is Mexican smorgasbord style.

Xel ha park– With full stomaches we go to the dolphin zone where the teachers are with gatherings of individuals completing a swimming action that is exceptionally costly.

I was extremely eager to have a dolphin adjacent and feel its touch so we figured out how to concur with the person who takes the employing of exercises do what we were intrigued.

Extremely these creatures have a clever look and despite the fact that they would be better in opportunity.

We see that they are all around watched over and have them in entirely great conditions.

Xel ha mexico
Xel ha mexico

After the excite of being with a dolphin, we go to the vessel with a submerged base that is tied down to see the fish of La Caleta.

Xel ha park– In all actuality the perceivability isn’t great on the grounds that the gems are a little decayed, they look more like spooky shadows of fish,

In the wake of going through the unwinding region with lofts appreciating a drink.

We leave for the leave where the gift shop and a huge model of the archeological site of Tulum, extremely cool.

Xel ha dolphin
Xel ha dolphin

As should be obvious, in Xel-Há you can have some good times day however in the event that you run with the possibility of ​​seeing numerous fish.

In any event our experience has been that you can see increasingly and with the clearest water on shorelines, for example, Akumal.

Xel ha park– For the individuals who need to do additional exercises you will discover every one of the subtle elements on the recreation center’s site, in spite of the fact that.

you hazard leaving the greater part a pay there, jejeje.

Xel ha park– Without a doubt on the off chance that you are setting up your outing you will have questions between going to Xel-Ha or Xcaret